“Alex is a polished and authoritative speaker”

“Alex is a standout keynote speaker in terms of relevance, using plain English for the audience, with an ability to engage the audience. I was completely absorbed!”

“You have gained lots of fans from our office today! I keep hearing and receiving positive comments about your talk. They said you unlocked the myth of AI, made it so easy to understand, and made it so relatable to them. They are amazed by your wisdom and deep insights.”

“Thank you for your excellent presentation. It was super engaging and thought-provoking”

“Thank you Alex for the awesome opening session”

“Alex gave a very good summary of how to use data analytics, with emphasis on strategic goals and measurable outcomes, culture building, and effective communication and collaboration between data analytics personnel and business partners”

“I appreciate Alex’s insights on some opportunities that we may be overlooking within our organisation”

“Thank you Alex for a great, simple, systematic and supportive approach to Data Science! The podcast is really a unique way of explaining all the aspects of Data Science!”

“Really interesting keynote, I’m looking into more of Alex’s work”

“The simplicity of Alex’s explanations was very much appreciated by non-tech people”

“Alex made a rather technical subject very engaging and interesting”

“Alex’s presentation should have been recorded and broadcast to the whole organisation!”

“Alex’s presentation was fantastic!”

“I enjoyed hearing from Alex about what a Data Scientist actually does, and the process of getting data to the point of analysis”

“Alex’s real world experience made his presentation interesting!”

“Best workshop I’ve been to. Alex tailored it to what participants were interested in, and shared his experiences and thoughts on Data Science which was a highlight”

Great presentation on Advanced Analytics & Data Science. Alex is agreat speaker!”

“I think that Alex is a great teacher. This comes through with his presentation style”

“I appreciated Alex’s talk, and him sharing his wealth of experience and technical knowledge”

“Alex’s presentation was pitched very well. He detailed various aspects on how to develop machine learning capabilities in an organisation, which was of great interest”

“It’s obvious that Alex is very experienced, with extensive industry experience”

“Alex is very experienced in industry on this topic”

“Alex’s workshop was very, very useful workshop – and delivered at a great pace!”

“Alex’s speaking was clear and easy to understand”

“Alex’s real-world experience made it interesting”

“Alex’s presentation was very interesting, and he’s very approachable”

“Informative presentation by Alex, relatable and nice pace”

“Very informative presentation by Alex”

“Alex is surprisingly funny for a Data Scientist :-)”

“Thank you Alex, great presentation and some really interesting points raised in Q&A!”

“I love your witty riddles and thought leadership in the area of Data Science!”


“Thank you Alex for putting together an excellent subject with a great team supporting teaching

and learning. It has been one of the most challenging but interesting subjects I have had in the

Applied Data Analytics program”

“As a lecturer, Alex presented the material in the most engaging and understandable ways. There were actually no stupid questions and I always felt super comfortable asking silly doubts. The environment of the lectures was geared towards actually learning the material and applying it in the real-world scenario. Alex spent a lot of time and effort in clarifying all our doubts and was always open to feedback”

“I really enjoyed Alex’s course – I thought the content was very applied and the techniques learnt

were quite useful. I thought the intensive week over zoom was also well run”

“I’d like to acknowledge the effort that Alex and his team have put into designing and delivering a

course that remains relevant in a constantly evolving area of knowledge and practice. After the

course I feel empowered to get started with a text analysis project at work, and for me this is a

fantastic outcome given that nine weeks ago I knew very little about IR and ML applications on

text data. Lecturers and tutors were responsive and organised, offered support to students in

flexible modes, catered for different individual needs, and have a solid theoretical and practical

knowledge of the content”

“The subjects covered in Alex’s NLP course are modern and up-to-date. The subject matter is important

and relevant. The lecturers and tutors are knowledgeable”

“Alex took on feedback and cared about student outcomes. Alex talked about topics outside the

course, his lecture on working as a data scientist was really valuable”

“Best intensive week I have been to. Alex tailored it to what students were interested in, arranged

relevant guest speakers and did not just read out lecture notes we can read ourselves. He shared

his experiences and thoughts on data science which was a highlight”

“Alex was immediately approachable as convenor of the NLP course, and invited any interested students to reach out if they had questions or an interest in a career in Data Science. I took him up on this offer and it signalled the start of an incredibly productive development period for my studies and my professional experience in Data Science. Alex’s course was exceptionally well taught”

“Alex’s real world experience made it interesting”

“Alex tried to understand the student’s background, and adapted the intensive week

lectures to cover pre-requisite material that many students didn’t have. He tried to make the

material interesting and relevant to student’s experience. He also used his contacts to get guest

speakers to talk to us, which was interesting and useful”

“As a student in his NLP course, Alex was an effective and expert lecturer. He also managed the course in a straightforward manner. A particular thing I noticed in the course when compared to other courses, was how directly the course workload mapped to learning outcomes”

“Alex was an excellent honors supervisor. He provided expert advice on the subject matter and when unable to always endeavoured to seek out people or resources I could use.  My honors project involved heavy collaboration with industry professionals, Alex was open to the collaboration which allowed for my research to have an impact beyond the academic setting”

“Alex is very experienced in industry on this topic”

“Alex’s speaking was clear and easy to understand. He also taught the machine learning unit well”

“Alex took on feedback and cared about student outcomes”


“Alex has acted as mentor to me whilst I have been looking to enter the data science profession. This is typified by the interview for an internship and eventual job offer that Alex helped me obtain through his connections within the Australian Public Service”

“Alex has become my role model in the eco-system of Data Science and analytics. He is a superb thought leader, experienced Data Scientist and a trusted mentor. Alex’s goal is to empower and upskill individuals, organisations, startups etc to achieve success in the universe of Data through his Meetups, Leadership and Management mentorship, keynote presentations, and publications”

“Alex has been an amazing mentor to me and to several other colleagues of mine. He is always ready to help advance students not only in their academic endeavours but their careers in the industry as well. He is someone I personally look up to. His activities outside the classroom like his blog and his LinkedIn posts are full of information and excitement for the field he is in, and reflects a true passion for the craft of ML and Analytics which is inspiring for beginners like me. It is hard to find mentors like Alex who give such crisp and practical advice and who are so approachable too, and I consider myself absolutely lucky to have come across such a personality”

“Alex was my direct manager and subsequent mentor. It was a pleasure to work under him, and I enjoyed coming to work every day. I learned much about Data Science during this time. Alex taught me a lot about Data Science, happily answered all my questions and frequently offered guidance in work tasks. He gave me highly useful advice on career and learning pathways, which I’ve since applied and have had great success with”

Key Industry & Government Collaborators

“Alex really is one of Australia’s iconic data leaders, and it’s been truly an honour collaborating with him this year on so many exciting data analytics projects”

“It is hard to think of anyone who is better connected and involved with Data Science thought leadership across Academia, Industry and Government. In the past when I have reached out for help, advice or assistance, Alex has always been there to guide me. He is the rare blend of Academic, Practitioner and Promoter that is extremely hard to find”

“Alex has an incredible ability to explain the technically complex principles of data science in a clear and engaging way. In conducting promotional work for HP Z Workstations and Nvidia, Alex was always professional, going above and beyond. His research, insights and overall input were instrumental to the project’s success. Our client has been ecstatic with the exciting, well thought-out content. We couldn’t have been happier with our collaboration with Alex and are looking forward to opportunities to work together in the future.”

“Alex Antic has been instrumental in developing the relationship between our Federal Government Department and the ANU.  He has assisted by building alliances between the Department and various areas of the university with a special emphasis on machine learning and ethics related to artificial intelligence.  As a result of his excellent networking skills, we have completed an Agile Project Management course tailored to our needs and are planning more.  Alex was also able to identify several potential higher education students to work the Department and two of these have worked at the Department on various projects.  One of these students is a PhD candidate.  I look forward to continuing to work with Alex to further strengthen our long term partnership and to build on our academic collaborations”

“As an industry student co-supervisor with Alex, I am impressed with Alex’s commitment to his students and his readiness to engage with industry to both solve pressing problems and support an environment in which the students can explore, learn and develop research and implementation skills. Alex’s wealth of technical experience has been evident in the projects we have completed, and his knowledge and insight have proved invaluable”

“Alex continues to provide Strategic Advice and Technical Support to Federal Government Agency. His connections across the analytics community and private sector are extensive, willingly shared, and they assist us in collaborating broadly. His expertise and objective view is invaluable in helping us develop and validate our Data Strategy and Five Year Plan. He is an outstanding leader in this area, and I continue to be very pleased at our ongoing work with him”

“I’ve seen Alex develop from one of the best Data Scientists in the public service to one of the leading Data Scientists preparing new generations to become the best. Besides his deep content-matter-expertise, he also was coaching and helping others around him with an endless amount of patience. Over the years, Alex has become a thought leader in the Australian Data Science community. By writing blogs, hosting podcasts, posting almost daily on LinkedIn and presenting at conferences, there are not a lot of Data Scientists in Australia who do not know who Alex is.”