Dr Alex Antic is a very experienced educator and trainer, who has designed and delivered tailored in-house training for industry, academic, and government organisations. He can also develop and deliver bespoke executive training for senior leadership teams and Boards.

Alex can customise the content specifically to your industry or sector, and deliver the course in a format that suits your specific requirements.

His training courses can include:

  • What is Data Science/AI?
  • What Every C-Suit Executive Needs to Know About AI
  • What AI Can Do for You
  • AI & Ethics/Fairness/Bias – Why it Matters & How to Get it Right?
  • Data Literacy Training
  • How to Prepare Your Organisation for AI
  • How to Establish a Successful and Sustainable Data Science/AI Practice
  • How to Become a Successful Data Scientist/AI Expert
  • Demystifying the Mathematics of Deep Learning
  • An Introduction to Programming in R
  • An Introduction to Programming in Python
  • An Introduction to Machine Learning
  • An Introduction to Deep Learning/Neural Networks
  • An Introduction to Natural Language Processing

To discuss your specific training needs, email: alex (at) dralexantic.com